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Watch this video to see what ELSE you need to do to reveal the hidden
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Congratulations on your purchase of SpyStream, now you’ ll be able to see exactly what a visitor does on your site to increase conversionsquickly!

But, what if there was a way to dive even deeper than just watching your visitors mouse..

and know essential conversion metrics like:

WHO the visitor even is exactly including their IP addresses, their country, operating system, & even language system?

WHY specifically are they even coming to your site and what search terms & domains are referring them?

WHAT content you should optimize & what steps you should take NOW to grow your list?

Basically, know the exact steps to take to essentially guarantee any campaign will produce a positive ROI right from the start?

Well now you can by putting SpyStream on Steroids with SpyStream Pro.

The same technology that’ s allowed me to take already well converting SpyStream campaigns and essential double the revenue from in no time at all.

If fact, the pro version of SpyStream was really the key factor to pulling in nearly $100k for me in just a few days one of my PayPal accounts which I then transferred right to my bank account:

and filling up this Aweber account I own in the paleo niche w/ 8k+ hungry subscribers in only a few weeks...

by allowing me to understand at an even deeper level why or why not a visitor will buy..

and saving hours of time by having crucial analytics right at my finger tips that you don’ t have with the normal version of SpyStream... or other analytics tools for that matter.

Sure, it’ s one thing to have complete control over your own page optimization...

but what if the issue your site isn’ t converting or making money is actually understanding who the people are and where they are coming from?

For instance, if you see popular search terms & traffic from different keywords & countries you’ re optimizing for, it doesn't matter HOW many SpyStream sessions you do! You need these extra, deep analytics to get the full picture.

See how SpyStream Pro is Going to Pull EVEN MORE Profit Here:

You’ ll get the amazing mouse tracking & heat click technology SpyStream has plus additional features that will put these on steroids and help you use SpyStream to it’ s full potential including....

Know what content to create or optimize by seeing top search phrases, referring domains, & traffic from all major search engines.

Knowing exactly WHO your visitors are by seeing GeoIP addresses, their country, operating system, & even visits per day

Full interactive map of visitors locations

Ability to export gorgeous reports of stats & social growth activity (great for resellers!)

Instantly see your most shared & interacted with pages and content with custom effeciancy scores to help optimize time & ROI

Ability to exclude robots, admins, RSS pages, & more from showing up in crucial data.

Track Growth & activity of your social networks offpage to see how they influencer your site & campaigns.

See all essential stats at your fingertips including visitors online right now... never waste money or time on on external services again

Even show off stats on your website with widget page features for social proof!

and FAR more.

And for a VERY Limited Time, You Can Get the Developers AND Resell Rights to SpyStream Pro, Too!

There’ s nothing out there like SpyStream Pro.

Not even enterprise level heat-click softwares corporations pay $300+ per month for have the extra features like the visitor and robot detailed analytics or 404 error page tracking.

Selling SpyStream Pro is the EASIEST
sale you’ ll make...

Whether it’ s selling to mom & pop businesses struggling to get their Facebook ad campaigns to convert for instance, or online businesses struggling to sell their physical or digital products.

Really, all you have to do is get their eyeballs in front of it and it will sell itself. That’ s the beauty of owning software that isn’ t another shiny ‘ hack’ but can deliver serious value quickly.

AND you if you’ ve already gotten the basic SpyStream resellers license, you don’t want to have to compete again buyers who have the PRO version, right?

There are already some early buyers who have locked in access to SpyStream Pro resellers license, so if you’ re serious about reselling this for easy profits (which you should be since you purchased)...

you don’ t want to have to compete against resellers that have a BETTER VERSION of the product you’ re offering!

and if this wasn’ t a no brainer deal to begin with...
I’ m adding in a VERY special bonus to those who get the resell/developer rights version of SpyStream Pro

Exclusive Bonus : SpyStream Pro
Resellers Kit ($497 Value)

Not only will you get the resellers license to SpyStream Pro... but with my SpyStream Pro Resellers Kit bonus, I’ m going to guarantee you actually make sales when you go to resell software.

You’ re going to get everything you need to make sure you can Resell SpyStream FAST including...

SpyStream Pro DFY VSL

Use this to instantly have a high-converting VSL that sells SpyStream for you. Add in your own prices and logo overtop of the video to make it 100% your own.

SpyStream Pro DFY Email Swipes

Wouldn’ t it be great if local businesses contacted YOU to try and buy SpStream instead of you soliciting them? You’ ll get a proven script and series of emails to send to online or offline businesses that will get them immediately interested n SpyStream and contact you back to buy.

These are based on the famous ‘ Whiskers & Cheese’ method used to for resellers to stop sounding like ‘ another marketer’ and instantly stand out and get access to decision makers who actually have the final say in buying new marketing software.

SpyStream DFY Flyers

A lot of businesses still don’ t have a huge online presence, mainly because their owners still don’ t operate and function themselves online. You can use these flyers to put up around town or anywhere you like to get the attention of big decision makers in local businesses.

All our VSLs, Graphics, and Copy

You’ ll have instant access to the very copy, graphics, and VSLs you see now to use for yourself to help you sell SpyStream Pro.

Bonus Membership Software

Heck, I’ m even giving you pro software to create a membership to sell SpyStream in this awesome bonus.

It’ s THAT easy.

But you need to act now...

Because I need to be fair to the early adopters of SpyStream Pro.. I simply can’ t allow everyone to get access at this incredibly low price and the limited time resellers license option.

So if you’ re seeing this page, you can get access SpyStream Pro and the resellers license as a special one-time-opportunity ONLY.

That means if you leave this page, you won’ t be able to get access to this offer again, especially the limited time resellers opportunity.

Upgrade to SpyStream Pro Today and Increase Your ROI EVEN FASTER than regular SpyStream users.

You’ ll get all the same amazing technology as in SpyStream basic version... plus the ESSENTIAL upgrades needed to save hours of time & know exactly what to do to create profitable campaigns & content.

Plus, the you’ re getting the exclusive resellers license + DFY resellers bonus to sell the pro version easily and keep 100% of the profit.

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Price Increasing by $67 In...

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Yes, Spy Stream basic version will help you with conversions, but it won’ t tell the entire story. You need the pro version dive even deeper about your visitors, know exactly who they are and where they are from, why they’ re even coming to your site and what their intentions are, know what content and pages to optimize, and see crucial data the regular version of SpyStream can't show to know what precisely to guarantee any campaign converts like crazy from day 1.

AND realize that this is the ONLY opportunity you’ ll have to get access to SpyStream Pro. You don’ t want to only have the resellers license to

SpyStream basic, only to have to compete with users of SpyStream Pro because you didn’t take advantage of this one time opportunity.

Save yourself the headache, and get instant clarity on everything you need to do to turn your site into a serious profit pulling one in no time at all.


What do I get if I choose the Pro Resellers License?
You'll get the ability to sell unlimited copies or install SpyStream Pro as a service on other companies sites & keep 100% of the profits. Also, you'll get access to our SpyStream Pro Resellers packaging including special training on how to get your sales, marketing materials ie: VSLs, swipes, and graphics, and more.
Can I resell SpyStream on blackhat sites or forums?
You can't sell this on blackhat sites, PLR sites or forums. To make serious money, you don't need to do that and shouldn't be in your best interest anyway.
When can I start making money with the SpyStream resell rights?
You can immediately use SpyStream the second you get it. You can start reselling it starting May 29th
Can I offer SpyStream as a bonus or sell it for free?
No you can't offer this as a bonus or give the software away. It needs to be a paid sale.
I'll be able to think about it and come back when I'm ready to get the resellers license, right?
Sorry, but the resellers opportunity is only for early adopters and will be changed to just a regular developers license as soon as tomorrow. Also, the price shown will be increasing steadily throughout the launch until it because a monthly SaaS program.
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